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Wiper Motor Halloween Props

Wiper Motor Halloween Props

How to animate your halloween props with a $5 windshield wiper motor from an auto scrap yard!
That's a lot of torque from one Windshield Wiper Motor that you can convert and use to animate and power your sinister DIY Halloween props!
Monster Guts – The Best Source For All Your Prop Building Parts.. you join our 'online community' to discuss anything and everything Halloween related.. Not all 12v power supplies work the same or can handle a wiper motor's power draw.
Graveyard Creep Animated Halloween Prop. This include a demo if the AWESOME power of a wiper motor, plus the use of my soon-to-be-famous wiper motor .
Please vote for me in the halloween decorations contest if you like it. To mount the wiper motor, I attached it to the PVC frame using a few hose clamps and a .
Animated Coffin Creep Halloween Prop. I recently bought a rear window wiper motor online and was trying to find way to use it. After a bunch of trails and errors I .
Building a Wiper Motor Rocker Halloween Prop. Spider Victim Materials We started this build with a rocking chair that we've had for more than 19 years. It's old .

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