Many Interpretations of Peacock Feather Meaning in Tattoos

In the world of tattoos there are many designs and ideas that include the feather of peacock along with many interpretations of the peacock feather meaning. Surely many people could have their own ideas regarding the meaning of certain designs and ideas in tattoos such as the peacock feather tattoo. Yet there are some of the most popular definitions of that particular tattoo that most people know.

Peacock Feather Meaning

Peacock Feather Meaning Tattoos Designs

One particular idea of the peacock feather meaning when it is used as tattoos is a gentle and feminine appeal. Thus it is considerably perfect for women who want to get a new tattoo. The fact that this feather of peacock is more beautiful compared to other birds’ feather means that it is a perfect resemblance of women’s characteristics of being beautiful. In order to really get the best appeal of its beauty, the tattoo should be done in full color style so that all aspects of its beauty will be there for real.

Another popular version of the peacock feather meaning in tattoo is that it can be showing a proud feeling. It is said that simply by wearing this style of tattoo, a person can be described as a proud person of certain reasons or simply an arrogant person. Thus in order to ensure that the accent given by this tattoo is simply a proud person, the size should just be a small one instead of going for the full size version.

Peacock Feather Meaning Tattoos

One more idea when it comes to the actual meaning of tattoos in this particular feather design is the fact that it could symbolize an all seeing eye. This is due to the fact that the peacock itself is known as a bird with 100 eyes due to its pattern in its feather. When a person is wearing this tattoo, the peacock feather meaning could resemble the fact that the person is an open minded person.

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