Beautiful and Sexy Shoulder Tattoos for Women Designs

Shoulder is one of the sexiest parts of women and it will become for sexier if completed with tattoos. There is also enough space to draw in shoulder. This means that the tattoos can range from the small to large size. In fact, shoulder tattoos for women are as popular as the tattoos for men, even they have similar designs. Talking about shoulder tattoos for women designs, the most popular design is rose.

Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Shoulder Tattoos for Women Designs

However, this does not mean that you better take the shoulder tattoos for women roses. There are some other designs you may take, such as watercolor, maori, tribal, and even the 3D style tattoos. As feminine as the rose, some alternative designs are flowers, butterfly and blossoms. They will be great to display on the shoulder, moreover when the tattoos are in combination of some colors.

Shoulder Tattoos Flower  for Women

Loving Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Flower Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Cute Shoulder Tattoos for Women

In addition to combining colors, there are also some interesting ideas of combining the other parts of the body to also be completed with tattoos. Some shoulder tattoos for women are extended to the sleeves and even the chest. This is a good idea if one plans to add large tattoos, such as quotes, tribal, angel, lion, and so on. If you have some parts of your body are tattooed, you should make sure that some tattoos are connected in meaning.

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