3 Ways on How to Do Matte Black Nails You Should Try

Matte black nails are popular among women, moreover when they are finished in glossy finish. They look fashionable and make women look more impressive. In fact, women should care about every detail of their body, including the nail. And to make them look more elegant, matte finish is always a good option, but it is sometimes costly.

Matte Black Nails

Easy Steps to Do Matte Black Nails

There are some easy steps to do Matte black nails. The first step of how to do matte black nails is about using the matte finish. Purchase the best matte nail polish. Before painting the nails, you should use a nail buffer and also file. Use a wetted cotton ball and swipe over the nails. Paint them with clear bottom coat and then paint with the color. Don’t forget to clean up the paint job and you may skip using a topcoat if you apply matte finish.

Matte Black Nails DIY

Matte Black Nails Design

Cute Matte Black Nails

To create a perfect matte finish, firstly paint the nails with your regular nail polish. Take a pan and pour water into it. Boil the water until it presents steam and place your nails above the steam. In addition to using matte finish and steam, to make excellent Matte black nails you better use cornstarch. Apply very thin coat. Combine foil or wax paper with nail polish. Paint the nails with nail brush and let it completely dry.

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