The Best Makeup Brush Sets: Your Guide to Choose

The best makeup brush sets are always quintessential in every girl vanity and makeup kit. Even so, it is best not to buy the best makeup brushes not only because of the function, but also because of the quality. Here are some tips to help you buy the best brush kit that can help you apply makeup easily while allowing you to be more precise.

Best Makeup Brush Sets

Tips to Buy the Best Makeup Brush Sets

Let’s start from the bases. Just like every makeup artist, we highly recommend you to go for the best makeup brush sets to apply powder that are made with natural bristles. They are the softest and fluffiest, and have a cuticle that can really grab and hold pigment until you place it on your face. If you cannot afford to buy blue squirrel, which is the most expensive choice, consider goat, pony hair, and kolinsky sable instead.

Professional Makeup Brush Set

Rather than having a matched makeup brush set, it is more important if you find the best makeup brush sets which every brush is assigned for specific task. Generally, you need a large powder brush, a smaller fluffy brush, an eye-shadow brush, and a smaller shadow brush. We recommend you to choose each with a slightly domed shape that can roll across your skin best with the least drag to create a nice texture. Meanwhile, synthetic bristles only allow the brushes to apply liquids and creams well.

MAC Makeup Brush Set

Last but not least, many of you may find the best makeup brush sets are too expensive for you so you are tempted to opt for the cheaper ones. Well, our only suggestion is that you should never blindly buy the cheapest option just because you’re on a budget. Opt for the best you can afford, so even the best makeup brush sets cheap you buy aren’t the low quality ones.

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