Let’s Make Your Kids Even Cuter with Simple Hairstyles for Little Girls

The world of fashion does not only meant for teenagers, but also meant for little girls. Styling kids’ hair is very fun thing to do. However, as how thing goes with teenagers, not all hairstyles for little girls suit to all little girls. All still depend on the skin color, the face shape, and the hair type. If your kids have blonde long hair, you might have wanted to try the little girls’ simple hairdos below.

Creative Short Hairstyles for Little Girls

Hairstyles for Little Girls with The Tripod and the Side Braid Styles

Actually, the tripod and the side braid styles might possibly be considered as DIY hairstyles for little girls. It is because they are easy and simple. You can work these little girls’ hairdos on by yourself on your kids’ hairs, without the help of anyone else. Let’s try to make the tripod style then. First, if your kids have long bangs, let’s sweep it back to join with the other hairs on your head. Then, divide some hairs on top of your head into two small parts.

Once you are done, twist each part a bit. Remember, it is only a bit. Then, join those two twisted parts into one and tie it with rubber band. Make sure you don’t mix the untwisted parts together and make sure you separate them alongside with the rest of the hairs below it. By now, you should have two equal parts of hair. Tie each of them with rubber band again above the nape. Last, just tie it once more with big ribbon to make it cute. This is how you do with tripod hairstyles for little girls.

Braided Hairstyles for Little Girls

The next style, which is the side braid one is way simpler to make. Just like the previous style, in order to make this kind of hairstyles for little girls, you need to sweep the long bangs to join the hairs on the head. After that, just take some hairs of the top of the head from either right or left side and sweep it to the opposite side. In about nine inches of those hairs, pin them down against the head or tie it with big ribbon directly. Last, you just need to make braid to the rest part after that nine-inch part. This way, small side braid will exist among the rest of straight hairs. These two are cute hairstyles for little girls, right?

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