Perfect Ideas to Get Preppy Clothes and Gain Preppy Style

To get the preppy look, everyone must try simple and classic look then complete that look with some key accessories. Some people think that to get a preppy look they only need to wear boat shoes and pastel polo at the same time. It is true that to get the preppy look we need to keep our simple look. Preppy style and preppy clothes itself consists of quality textile, clean lines, modest cuts, and close fits. If your outfits look revealing, complicated, or flashy, they make you look sexy or hot instead of preppy.

Preppy Clothes Mens

Another way to get preppy look is wearing clean and fresh preppy clothes and accessories. You yourself must be clean and fresh so that you’ll look perfectly preppy. Shower regularly, brush all your teeth every morning and every evening, use moisturizer for your skin, wear deodorant, and do anything else that keeps your body clean and fresh before you look for preppy clothes women’s and men’s.

When you’re looking for perfume to perfect your preppy clothes, pick a perfume that is airy and light and has crisp smell. Your preppy men’s clothes won’t be perfect with perfume that’s too heavy or flowery. The classic floral smell will work well. Keep the entire parts of your body especially hands and face nicely moisturized then your skin texture will be soft and smooth. Get natural creams and lotions from local drugstore to treat your skin.

Preppy Clothes Women

If it is time to buy new preppy clothes, pick outfits in preppy colors like beige, navy, black, and white. Pink, lime green, yellow, and other bright shades are also excellent colors for preppy clothing. Preppy outfits are also identical with some patterns like nautical stripes, floral, nova checks, paisley, plaid, argyle, gingham, and tartan. Make sure all outfits you will but fit your body and not too loose or you will look weird instead of preppy.

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