What Do You Know about Ear Piercing Types?

It is now the era of the experiment. The more you can go for a new experiment, the more you will find out about many things. Including about fashion, you can also do some experiment. Piercing is one thing that you can try as your first experiment. Piercing has now become the idea of an expression. It is the way people will go to the next level of self-expression in life. And also it is the part of life now. It is already the lifestyle. That is why piercings are now having such really rapid growth, especially for those teenagers.

Ear Piercing Types

All About Ear Piercing Types

Piercings are all about trend, style, and sexiness. Those kinds of things will be separated in so many shapes and placements, yet the most popular one is ear pierce. There are several ear piercing types available out there. One really common and already used by so many people since so many years ago is called earlobe. It is one really standard piercing. The more modern is called as gauging. It has more sizes and more gauge needle. Actually, the placement is the same but the jewelry that is used defines the differences. The cartilage is also called as the standard piercing types. Today’s piercing amateurs use this kind of piercing to define their style.

Types of Ear Piercings

More complicated piercing can be shown in the industrial type of piercing. Such long barbell is placed to connect two holes. It is also called as scaffold since it connects and scaffolds two points on the ears. The placement also defines the types. The more options to place the piercing is in front of the ear canal. It is called as the tragus. And to make it different, the anti-tragus is also made. The placement is on the outer side of the era. If you like the cartilage, then conch can be the best choice for you. It is the expanded kinds of cartilage.

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