Awesome Types of Suspenders and How to Wear Suspenders for Men

Suspenders are awesome alternative for men who don’t want to wear belt on their pant. Suspenders will look awesome when men wear them with their formal outfits and casual clothes. If this is your first time wearing suspenders and you’re wondering how to wear suspenders, you’re in the right place now. We’d like to tell you how to wear button suspenders and some tips of wearing suspenders. Hope the entire information we share to you will help you decide to wear suspenders or not.

How to Wear Suspenders

How to Wear Suspenders?

Most common way about how to wear suspenders is fastening the suspenders in back. Then put on the trousers. Next, fasten suspenders in front. Some men’s suspenders have plastic or metal attachment that pinches or grips the trousers’ fabrics while the other suspenders are completed with small buttons that are placed at every end of suspender. The second type of suspenders is the better once since this kind of suspenders will not compress also damage the fabric of trousers.

Unfortunately the suspenders that are completed with small buttons only belong to trousers that have the button flaps that are designed for suspenders. If your trousers don’t have the button flaps that are designed for suspenders, you will need to wear the clamp styled suspenders. You must know how to wear suspenders in clamp style for those trousers. If you’re not sure that suspenders are enough to complement your trousers, wearing both belt and suspenders is great idea.

In past, especially in nineteenth century and in early twentieth century, people are not allowed to show their suspenders. But now, the answers of how to wear suspenders allow you to wear your suspenders in any way and show the suspenders. After understanding how to put on suspenders, you must pick the right color for suspender from the most flexible black suspenders to the other suspenders in assorted colors and patterns.

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