3 Easiest Way on How to Wear a Scarf in Seconds

Wearing a scarf is more about style, not only about keeping your body warmer during the cold winter. In fact, a scarf is the most important accessories that you need during winter. The more important thing is to know how to wear a scarf because it can make you look better than without any scarf. You can have the scarf complete your top.


How to Wear a Scarf

There are plenty numbers of how to wear a scarf styles. One of the simplest and most popular styles is the infinity. What you need to do is simply tying the ends of your scarf together. You have a large loop then and hang it over your neck. Twist the loop and layer it for one or two more times based on the size or length of the scarf. Another simplest style to do is hanging the scarf from your neck and simply tucks the ends of the scarf under a belt.

How to Wear a Scarf

Expecting something more impressive, you can try this how to wear shawl. First, you need to fold the shawl in half and drape it around your neck. Take one end of the shawl and pull it through the loop at the other side of your neck. Take and twist the loop in the middle. Pull the other end of the scarf through the loop and adjust. Those are some examples of how to wear a scarf you should have a try.

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